Bloomlife is the Belgian candidate for the Ideas from Europe semi-finals

By 6th October 2017Semi-finalists

The women’s health company Bloomlife will represent Belgium on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November. Bloomlife and its founder Julien Penders were selected at a special event organised by the Belgium government.

Bloomlife combines connected devices with data analytics to deliver personalized guidance and reassurance to moms, and better information to improve clinical decision making for doctors. It is a validated smart pregnancy tracker that automatically tracks and counts contractions. It puts clear, accurate information at a woman’s fingertips.

“For many women deciphering unique pregnancy sensations is challenging. Bloomlife empowers moms with an accurate and reliable measurement of uterine activity to better communicate with her care team, make more informed decisions, delivering much-needed peace of mind and confidence.”

Julien will be on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November. Along with 27 others Bloomlife will try to get through to the Ideas from Europe finals in the Knights Hall in The Hague in the spring of 2018.