Bringing Energy Storage Solutions to Market

Bringing Energy Storage Solutions to Market

Bringing Energy Storage Solutions to market

When: 8 June 2021, 13:00-15:00
Location: Online
Organiser: Ideas from Europe and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Language: English
Host: Linda van Duivenbode (CEO and Founder The Extremely Useful Company)


You can watch the session online here!


Energy storage is the backbone of the energy transition: as the missing link between intermittent renewable power and 24/7 reliability, to relieve net congestion and smooth out the variations in power and to create a more flexible (micro) grid. Technology development and business innovation make solutions feasible and scalable, with cost of storage falling. Despite the consensus about the need for a more flexible energy system, the market is slow to develop. This is a concern, as it may cause knowledge and expertise to move away to where market and investment are more readily available. Taking with them the talent and innovative solutions we need. Not just to get us out of the current crisis, but the longer-term climate crisis facing us. 

In this session, we will  present a vision and roadmap for energy storage in The Netherlands. This is a “call to action” to European partners for cooperation towards a comprehensive European strategy for energy storage. A European market for energy storage and conversion is needed to 1) create a healthy and dynamic industry with export potential; 2) contribute to the objectives of the climate agreement and the maintenance of an affordable, reliable and accessible energy system; 3) remain at the forefront of technology and knowledge.


  • Brittney Elzarei, Policy Manager, the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) – European Policy context 
  • Jon Ferris, Head of Flexibility and Storage, Delta-EE – European Market context

Moderator: Jillis Raadschelders, Mott Macdonald

The following four business cases for storage and flexibility will be introduced and discussed:

  • Urban Environment: Stefan Olsthoorn and Eline Kik, director Green Business Club
  • Industrial Electrification: Paul Vosbeek, Guido Dalessi, Heleen Groenenberg, Stefan Olsthoorn and Rob Kreiter, director TKI Energy and Industry
  • Electric Mobility: Marnix Paanakker, Zubin Nayak, Heleen Groenenberg, Pallas Agterberg
  • Grid Management: Diederik Apotheker, Pallas Agterberg, Gjalt Annega

The working group members are:

  • Stefan Olsthoorn, program manager storage at Energy Storage NL
  • Paul Vosbeek, CEO and founder QuinteQ Energy 
  • Diederik Apotheker, senior business development manager Invest-NL
  • Guido Dalessi, CEO and investor Elestor
  • Gjalt Annega, project manager Emmett Green
  • Andreas Plenk, business unit director energy storage Alfen
  • Klaas Akkerman, co-founder Greener Energy Solutions
  • Heleen Groenenberg, Sr electricity market developer TenneT
  • Zubin Nayak, co-founder Kode21
  • Jillis Raadschelders, account leader energy transition Mott Macdonald
  • Marnix Paanakker, Product Development Engineer, PowerD
  • Pallas Agterberg, Challenge Officer, Alliander