Estonian drones to inspect powerlines

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Powerlines run all over Europe. To inspect them in rural areas can be challenge. The Estonian company Hepta has the solution for that: automated inspections with drones. They will represent Estonia on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November.

Power lines are still an important part of our energy supply. Today power grids are observed daily by men on foot or high voltage grids can allow themselves high-cost complex manned helicopter analysis. Hepta brings automated easy-to-use Airborne Inspection to the parts of the power lines where it has been too complex and costly.

Hepta Airborne has developed drones capable of replacing manned helicopters. Our drones can fly autonomously up to 500 km/6 hours in a single flight. For technical analysis they have developed data processing platforms. Inspecting them with the latest technics will make sure they are not becoming a reliability.

During the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe Hepta will represent Estonia on stage. Maybe the home advantage can help them with their pitch, but that is up to the international jury. They will decided the nine ideas that will go to the Knight’s Hall in The Hague in the Netherlands in the spring of 2018.

Virtual Medicine

Virtual Medicine to represent Slovakia

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Learning about the human anatomy with the help of Virtual Reality (VR). That is the aim of Virtual Medicine, found by four students of Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava. They will represent Slovakia at the Ideas from Europe semi-finals in Tallinn in November.

Virtual Medicine has created a revolutionary medical VR app that helps medicine students learn the anatomy of the human body. “Human anatomy is essential part of medicine. This app represents a unique approach of learning general anatomy,” says Tomas Brngal, CEO.

The VR-app is especially made for the popular Oculus Gear range of Samsung. Within a month of release on the Gear Platform, it was downloaded thousands of time by people all over the world. The company has been working almost three years on the project and has already won different awards with their idea.

Virtual Medicine will pitch their app on the Ideas from Europe-stage in Tallinn, which you can follow via a live stream, along with all the other ideas that will be presented.


Sensbar’s cricket flour to represent Czech Republic

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Billions of human beings need protein to exist. But the way we produce it today is destroying our planet. Sensbar is tackling this, by using cricket flour to produce protein bars. With their idea, Sensbar will represent the Czech Republic on the Ideas from Europe – stage in Tallinn in Estonia.

Insects are the easiest way to rapidly improve the quality and sustainability of our diet. The average adult westerner, on the other hand, considers biting into a mealworm worthy of reality TV. Sens was created with one goal: to overcome the cultural fear of insects. To communicate the nutritional, sustainability, and ethical benefits it has while demonstrating how tasty it can be.

“We’re creating a future where everyone fuels with healthy and sustainable sources of protein. Using cricket flour, we have developed unique protein and energy bars – gluten and lactose free, with the highest quality protein from crickets and premium natural ingredients,” says Radek Husek of Sensbar.

On the Ideas from Europe – stage along with 27 other innovative ideas to take on global challenges, Sensbar will show all the benefits of introducing insects into our diets . The ten most innovative ideas will be selected for the Ideas from Europe finals in 2018 in the Knight’s Hall in The Hague in the Netherlands.



‘Too Good To Go’ is the winner in Denmark

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Too much food is being wasted. Too Good To Go’s vision is one of a world where all food produced is food consumed. That is why they are chosen to represent Denmark in the Ideas from Europe semi-finals in Tallinn.

The revolutionary concept links you with delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away. With the Too Good To Go app you can order delicious food from local restaurants, cafes , bakeries and other food businesses, collect it up to an hour before closing time and enjoy on-the-go in an environmentally-friendly TGTG sugarcane box.

“Our mission is to save food, save money and save the planet by placing the lost value back onto food as humankind’s most valuable energy resource, and not something that should just be carelessly throw in the bin,” says Klaus Pedersen on their website.

Too Good To Go will pitch their idea on the Ideas from Europe stage at the semi-finals in Tallinn, Estonia, in November. They will have to convince the jury to send them to The Hague, the Netherlands, in the spring of 2018. Good luck!


Bloomlife is the Belgian candidate for the Ideas from Europe semi-finals

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The women’s health company Bloomlife will represent Belgium on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November. Bloomlife and its founder Julien Penders were selected at a special event organised by the Belgium government.

Bloomlife combines connected devices with data analytics to deliver personalized guidance and reassurance to moms, and better information to improve clinical decision making for doctors. It is a validated smart pregnancy tracker that automatically tracks and counts contractions. It puts clear, accurate information at a woman’s fingertips.

“For many women deciphering unique pregnancy sensations is challenging. Bloomlife empowers moms with an accurate and reliable measurement of uterine activity to better communicate with her care team, make more informed decisions, delivering much-needed peace of mind and confidence.”

Julien will be on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November. Along with 27 others Bloomlife will try to get through to the Ideas from Europe finals in the Knights Hall in The Hague in the spring of 2018.


Cyprus sends SyndeSeas to Tallinn

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SyndeSeas is the innovative company that will represent Cyprus at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn in November.

The Cypriot company has created a novel innovative integrated solution for Shipping Green House Gas Emissions Reporting & Verification. “As Naval Architects and Maritime professionals, we felt that the main responsibility we could assume was to form part of the global efforts for facilitating the Maritime industry’s contribution towards tackling man-made climate change,” founder Michalis Agapiou has said in an earlier interview.

The Syndeseas Integrated Solution is an innovative tool, a software, managed by a team of Shipping MRV Auditors, designed to support and facilitate the enhanced implementation of new as well as existing maritime regulations and is achieved by utilizing existing technology on-board ships (AIS) for automated data collection and analysis and by using existing ship reporting formats.

SyndeSeas has won the Digital Championschip 2017, organised by Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus.

We wish the best of luck at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe.

Ichò-system will represent Germany in Tallinn

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Germany has proudly announced that Ichò System will represent their country at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn.

They were announced at the Special Impact Awards ceremony by the Bundesminister of Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. The special Impact Awards were held at the Young Information and Communication Congress.

Ichò is an innovative company that wants to enhance ways of communications for people with cognitive problems. With music, lights and vibrations they want to give people with speech impediments and communication problems a new voice.

“The focus of our work is to develop with the people who are either privately affected by dementia or who are professionally involved with the care and therapy of those affected. That is why we work closely with caregivers, facilities and research centers, who support and accompany us with their expertise.”

Ichò was found by for students from the Düsseldorf Polytechnic. Mario Kascholke, Leftheri Efthimiadis, Steffen Preuss and Maximilian Friedrich found each other there and started their company with help of the school and the Social Impact Lab of Duisburg.

Ichò will be one of the 27 entrepreneurs who will pitch their idea in Tallinn, where the ten most innovative ideas will be selected for the Ideas from Europe finals in 2018.


Swedish Finals winner counteracts bullying

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The winner of the Swedish Ideas from Europe has been announced! Please meet Speak UP!, the app that counteracts bullying among students.

Speak Up! allows students of all ages anonymously report bullying – It’s for primary and secondary schools, as well as and universities. “The goal of Speak UP! is to give students all over the world a voice and together with parents and schools they learn to battle this global epidemic.” Currently the app is being used in different countries, including the US.

Speak Up! will represent Sweden in the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe on November 22 in Tallinn, Estonia. There, all the member states of the European Union will present their best ideas on tackling global challenges. The ten most innovative ideas will be in the final of Ideas from Europe in the spring of 2018 in the Knight’s Hall in The Hague, The Netherlands.
For more on Speak Up!, visit their website at:


Howz is using the Internet of Things to help us care

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When you’re alone, routine is comforting, which is why the old and the housebound cleave to the familiar. But what if that predictable routine could be a lifesaver? Howz is exactly that, and with their innovative idea, they will represent the United Kingdom at the Ideas from Europe semi-finals in Tallin, Estonia.

With the use of sensors, Howz collects data on the daily routine, by monitoring everyday electrical devices in an elderly person’s home. If there is an unusual pattern emerging in the use of the appliances, Howz sends an alert to the family, so that they can check up on them.

Along with 25 others, Howz will give their pitch to the jury and try to get a spot for the Ideas from Europe finals in the Knights Hall in The Hague in the spring of 2018.


Micreos winner of the Dutch Finals of Ideas From Europe!

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Micreos is the most innovative idea on the podium of Making Waves event on the Afsluitdijk. Micreos will represent the Netherlands at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn. Rain(a)way was voted best by the public.

The jury, chaired by Kajsa Ollongren, judged the ideas, solutions and presentation of 17 Dutch innovators who had solutions on water-, climate-, food-, energy-, health- and security challenges.

According to the chairman of the jury Kajsa Ollongren, it was a difficult decision. “This project is really helping the world. The difference between the winner and the others is that this project is already beyond prototype, beyond the garage. If they do the right thing, the can really reach out to the world.”

Runners up
The jury also selected four runners up: Aquista, Bluerise, Slowmill and Villagepump. “We felt that amongst the competitors there were a number of ideas that have impact. We hope that you will find the network that can help you.” The four are invited to come to the semi-final

Antibiotics are used for treatment, but also good bacteria on the skin and in the internal organs are killed. At the end of 2014, the Times covered a story about the drug Micreos to replace antibiotics. Ever since, Micreos has been in the spotlight being the answer to antibiotics resistance.

Rain(a)way winner public voting
The audience and viewers of the live stream could also participate, by voting for their favourite idea. Almost 1500 votes were casted. With over 23 percent, Rain(a)way was voted as the most inspiring idea. Rain(a)way discovered how rainwater can be used as a quality. Paving in which rainwater is visibly integrated shows the natural beauty of water and addresses the rainwater problem.

From the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment they’ve received a 5000 Euro budget, which can be used for training purposes and innovative development. The award and the check was presented by Henk Ovink, ‎Special Envoy for International Water Affairs at Kingdom of the Netherlands.