Cyprus sends SyndeSeas to Tallinn

By 5th October 2017Semi-finalists

SyndeSeas is the innovative company that will represent Cyprus at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn in November.

The Cypriot company has created a novel innovative integrated solution for Shipping Green House Gas Emissions Reporting & Verification. “As Naval Architects and Maritime professionals, we felt that the main responsibility we could assume was to form part of the global efforts for facilitating the Maritime industry’s contribution towards tackling man-made climate change,” founder Michalis Agapiou has said in an earlier interview.

The Syndeseas Integrated Solution is an innovative tool, a software, managed by a team of Shipping MRV Auditors, designed to support and facilitate the enhanced implementation of new as well as existing maritime regulations and is achieved by utilizing existing technology on-board ships (AIS) for automated data collection and analysis and by using existing ship reporting formats.

SyndeSeas has won the Digital Championschip 2017, organised by Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus.

We wish the best of luck at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe.