EasyPeasyCoding winner of the Maltese Finals of Ideas From Europe!

During the official launch of Ideas from Europe on April 6 in Malta, the first semi-finalist of Ideas from Europe has been announced.

EasyPeasyCoding! Congratulations! This young Maltese startup has been selected as one of two most innovative ideas from Malta to represent Malta during the Ideas from Europe semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn in November.

Easypeasycoding makes children think, and uses technology as a catalyst to do so. One of the platforms they use is the popular game Minecraft. They further use lights and other attributes that whirr and beep, while simultaneously teaching kids actual programming too. Their programs include after-school and joint parent/child classes. They also train teachers, and can provide schools with classroom-ready resources like student workbooks, as well as guidance on how to link coding to core curriculum subjects.

Klaus Conrad is one of the founders of Easypeasycoding. He trained as a musician and teacher, but quickly moved into computers and technology. Over the past 18 years he has worked with some of the top companies in the world in the field of data and big data analytics. In 2015 Klaus created the concept for what would become Easypeasycoding: a way to address the skill gap that exists in technology education through a set of purposely designed services and products for teachers, parents and young children.

Teaching children early on how to make the best use of computers, technology and science is the best way to ensure they are equipped for a digital future. It is one of the reasons the jury of Ideas from Malta selected Easypeasycoding to represent Malta at the Ideas from Europe semi-finals in Tallinn.