European ideas that will change the world

By 16th November 2017News

Next week, on November 22, entrepreneurs from all around Europe will present their ideas to change the world for the better. 28 innovators from across the European member states will compete in the semi-finals of ‘Ideas from Europe’ in Tallinn and share their solutions to global challenges.

From tackling food waste, using innovative technology to diagnose health problems, cures for the common cold and antibiotic resistance, smart uses of renewable energy, diminishing CO2 emissions, programs for children with autism, anti-bullying initiatives and refugee support systems; these entrepreneurs have come up with innovative solutions to daily global challenges. This competition puts a spotlight both on the entrepreneurs and their ideas to help them grow their business and make a bigger impact.

The semi-finals

Each European member state will be sending an innovative entrepreneur with a ground breaking business idea as their representative. The 28 innovators will deliver a three minute pitch in front of a renowned jury to compete for one of ten places in the final. The jury, as well as the audience, will choose nine ideas to be showcased during the finals in The Hague in April 2018.  The tenth finalist is down to you, by voting online for the final solution.


The semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn will start on November 22 at 16.00 UTC (GMT+2). The whole program will be broadcast via a live stream. On November 23, at 09.00 UTC, the jury will announce the nine best ideas and the start of the online public voting will open! The live stream can be viewed via the website.


Do you want to know more about the entrepreneurs and their ideas? Have a look at the list of all 28 semi-finalists, to get familiar with their pitches and know for whom you wish to vote.  Public voting for the tenth finalist will be open from November 23 until January 2018.