Road to GES

Road to GES

‘Everyone has the right to good healthcare.’ This is the message from the World Health Organization (WHO) that was announced last Sunday during World Health Day.

This international mission will be continued in The Hague this Thursday. The results of a study into the mental health of Dutch youth are presented at the Hofstad town hall. And a number of entrepreneurs, government agencies, educational institutions and youth organizations are jointly looking for solutions to enhance that mental well-being.

Mental Well-Being of Youth

Recent research shows that too often young people struggle with their mental state. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 5 experiences mental problems, and depression is one of the most important causes of illness in adolescents worldwide. Young people’s mental well-being therefore deserves attention and investment.

Prevention & Self-Care

Fortunately, there are ways to ward off the mental unrest amongst young people. According to WHO, prevention and the promotion of ‘self-care’ are the keys to success. That means a shift in focus (from cure to care) and the correct deployment of information and communication technology. But it seems that there are still insufficient solutions available, that young people are not informed about them, or do not have access to them.

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