Transforming business zones into Energy Hubs

Transforming business zones into Energy Hubs

The aim of the session is to take the next step in transforming (light) industrial zones and business parks into Energy Hubs. Please register using the button below. Registration is now closed, but stay tuned for the report and follow-up on this site.

When: Tuesday 31 May, 15:00-16:30
Location: Online


• Linda van Duivenbode, Ideas from Europe

• Emiel Trommelen and Rogier Pennings, Stevin Technology Consultants: presenting Energy Hubs and mobility

• Pitches (see short descriptions below):

  1. Edwin Markus, park manager, Business Park Schiebroek Rotterdam
  2. Joris Benninga, Smart Energy Hub Zutphen De Mars
  3. Thomas Walter, Easy Smart Grid

• Interactive: feasibility and viability of the presented pilot sites; how can we exploit the potential of industrial and business zone
• Elise van Dijk, Th!nk E + Eero Ailio, European Commission: Introducing the Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Not available but interested? Let us know so that we can include you in the post-session report and activities.


Presentation 1

Edwin Markus, park manager, Business Park Schiebroek Rotterdam

Ambition: nature-positive business park.

The project is an initiative of all business and real estate owners on the park, which have been organised in a ‘business investment zone’ since 2012. This has resulted in professional park management, supporting individual and collective actions. The park has its own energy cooperation with a soon to be operational solar installation (1.7 Mw), with a planned investment of € 800,000 (2022-2023) in energy saving and renewable energy generation. Their next ambition is to become more independent (closed distribution / smart grid) as well as to become nature positive. Although some technical issues remain, the main issues are organisational.

Presentation 2

Joris Benninga, SEH Zutphen De Mars

Ambition: Securing (conditions for) an affordable zero-emission energy supply for all companies and people in the City of Zutphen (50,000 people).

Industry Park De Mars is home to about 150 companies and is located close to the city centre and other residential areas. The bulk of the approximately 100 MW electricity peak demand is for 5 companies and the area features many loosely connected (existing) energy developments for wind energy (22MW), solar PV (15-30MW), district heating (100 GJ/yr), available -non natural gas dependent- waste heat (200 GJ/yr), local H2 production (3.5 MW electrolyzer), to name a few. The SEH project is about connecting these initiatives (and others inside and outside the city) and aligning them with needs and wishes of companies and citizens. To do so, we develop a “support the frontrunner” approach within an energy transition vision for the whole city.

One of the main issues is how to create a predictable playing field, market order, break through traditional public/private governance boundaries. Another issue is how to secure enough working capital to accelerate the development.

Presentation 3

Thomas Walter, Easy Smart Grid

Ambition: contribute the technology selected for the Good Practice Award of the Renewables Grid Initiative to a real pilot environment

Easy Smart Grid implements local energy markets to optimize during operation (create and react to dynamic prices) through “virtual batteries” through demand side harvesting flex (heat, cool, EV, processes). This allows for dynamic tariffs.

The issue is the innovation ‘valley of death’; lack of first market mover.

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