Ideas from Europe announces its third Value Track!

By 6th July 2018News, Semi-finalists

Starting off in Knights’ Hall on April 24 where 12 great entrepreneurs shared their innovative solutions, an on- and offline consultation has been done to see which theme resonates the most with Europe. Also the SME envoys of all 27 EU member states advised on which theme should be facilitated by Ideas from Europe in its further development.

We are very happy to announce that “Renewing Urban Energy and Environments” will be the subject of our third Value Track!

Renewing Urban Energy and Environments

During the SME envoy meeting on July 5-6 held on Cyprus, considering the social conversation and the SME envoys, ‘Renewing Urban Energy and Environments was defined’ as the focus of our third Value Track. Thanks to innovators like Artur Racicki, Francisco Duarte, Mark Marinov and Margus Kullerkupp, we see an upcoming development shared by many and the need for this to develop further. With them, and other peers and stakeholders to be involved, we are now going to look which obstacles and opportunities are out there for all parties involved and what actions need to be taken in order to bring the solution to our everyday lives sooner.

Value Track Methodology

Sustainable initiatives are first validated by Ideas from Europe based on their benefit to society and are subsequently realised as Value Tracks. A Value Track provides continuous validation of the various stages of development, in which different kinds of parties – including many start-ups – participate. Transparency that the Value Track approach brings forth, allows entrepreneurs to bring their solutions faster to the market.

Two current Value Tracks

Personalised Medicine
Research has shown that no less than 60 to 70% of drugs do not have the intended effect. Now that governments are focusing on better and more patient-focused medical care, whilst simultaneously looking to reduce costs, this problem has been recognised as a broad social challenge. Ideas from Europe has asked market parties such as healthcare institutes, governments, innovators, investors and companies for their questions and ideas with regards to ground-breaking innovative solutions. This has brought together 85 innovators who now participate in the Value Track Personalised Medicine.

Self Care
The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has noted that many initiatives for sustainable innovation in the healthcare sector stem from the same idea: giving the patient more control. Ideas from Europe has also seen opportunities to accelerate and upscale the development of these innovations, on the condition that parties in the healthcare sector are willing to cooperate. That is why a pilot for the Self Care Value Track was started in early 2018. On a ‘social conversation wall’, several of the parties involved highlighted the Value Track at their own events and among their own communities. This helped identify questions and ideas, allowing Ideas from Europe to assess whether there is sufficient support to continue the Self Care Value Track.

So we are now just getting started! Keep an eye on the website for the latest news about our developments with these three Value Tracks.