Nuritas™ is a company revolutionizing the discovery of novel and natural active ingredients with scientifically proven health benefits.

Our disruptive approach to discovery combines artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to data-mine billions of molecules. This means that for the first time Nuritas can rapidly and efficiently provide access to the most-health benefiting components within foods, called bio-active peptides.

Our life-changing peptides, the subject of pending patent applications, provide unique solutions for the maintenance of health and wellness. These benefits include: anti-inflammatory activity, antimicrobial activity, muscle recovery enhancement, skin anti-aging solutions, and the potential management of blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetics.

Put in a nutshell, the company discovers and unlocks ingredients from food sources in a completely unique way, providing natural, sustainable and scientifically proven health solutions.

Our dynamic peptides have a vast range of applications in multiple industries including functional and medical foods, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetics and personal care.

Dr. Nora Khaldi

Nora is a mathematician with a PhD in Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics. Nora’s research has focused primarily on protein evolution and comparative genomics. Some of Nora’s publications have been placed in a library of the top 2% of published articles in the fields of biology and medicine.

Throughout her career, Nora’s ambition has been to disrupt the status quo in areas that have been void of technology by introducing new ways of thinking, big data, and new algorithms.

Previous to Nuritas™, Nora was the first scientist to show gene transfer between multi-cellular species. This groundbreaking find put into question many of the phylogenetic methods currently in use today.

Nora has developed a multitude of innovative software throughout her research career that are used to this day by research institutes and companies in over 70 countries. Nora has led international research teams around the world, in both academic and industrial settings, and has a proven record in new health-benefiting molecule discovery and commercialisation.

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Change Funding & Help from US-based to EU-based. Got funding from US. Exposure to Talent bigger in US.

Attention & Commitment
Again, different compared to US. They want scientists/scholars there. Don’t just listen & walk-away: Help! Commission needs to commit.

How to position in a market?

How can you comply with regulation?

Preventing instead of curing diseases using food.
Reach 1 billion people.
Sell additives (currently ready-to-market) from natural sources to corporates.

More research needs to be done into the effects of peptides.
Government needs to allow health-claims.

Creative Minds

In the next few days the group of carefully selected Creative Minds will be named.


  1. Currently Nuritas is ready to-go-to-market product wise. Where should we focus on, when developing a delivery strategy through collaboration / partnerships with corporates and which corporates might be the best potential partners?
  2. How can we further develop our proposition in line with these partnerships? (i.e. Preventing diseases by healthier food)
  3. How can we comply with regulation?