GREENBONE ORTHO SRL  wants to become a worldwide leader for bone regeneration by providing innovative and easy to use bio-inspired solutions that will help cure severe diseases. The primary goal of GREENBONE is to develop a highly innovative bone implant, to generate biomimetic – reabsorbable – Bamboo-derived bone graft scaffold suitable to address non-union fractures and other very nasty skeleton damages.

GreenBone Ortho srl is a start up founded in 2014 and located in Faenza (Italy). GreenBone is developing a highly innovative, bone regenerating, load-bearing implants to treat severe fractures and conditions such as trauma and tumours that result in extensive bone loss.

The company’s patented technology transforms Bamboo into an established, widely used biomaterial, hydroxyapatite, to provide a bone graft scaffold with unique and never achieved so far mechanical strength, weight bearing and bone regeneration properties needed for large implants. New functional bone formation with GreenBone has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. GreenBone will begin human studies early 2017 in patients with non-healing (non-union) critical size fractures. The company is led by a world class team that has advanced multiple orthopaedic products from bench-to-market.

GreenBone technology was conceived and developed by a research group at ISTEC-CNR in Faenza (Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics).
First patent, filed in many territories, has been already granted in EU and China. Two new patents recently submitted. GreenBone Ortho srl and CNR entered a world wide exclusive license agreement (including right to acquire).

GreenBone closed a first round of investments for 3 million Euro from ZernikeMeta Ventures, Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and some private Italian and foreign investors.

Lorenzo Pradella

Lorenzo is the Co-Founder CEO&COO of GreenBone Ortho srl. Lorenzo has a degree in Biological Sciences obtained at Università degli Studi di Milano with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. Lorenzo has more then 25 years experiences in R&D, Business Development and Venture Capital.

He worked in multinational mid size companies and large corporations such as Zambon Group SpA and Cardinal Health Inc., now Catalent Inc. During such period he established different collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies also based on pharmaceutical products and technologies like Drug Delivery Systems and Medical Devices.

He was a General Manager of Zcube srl (Research Venture of Zambon Group) from 2008 leveraged to company to a global leader in translational medicine through collaborations and investments with universities in Europe, United States and Israel, as well as with Mission Bay Capital and the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), which is headquartered on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Part of the syndicate during SuppreMol GmbH acquisition by Baxter International Inc. for EUR 200 million. Member of ETPN Executive Board (European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine), President of Italy HealthCare Licensing Group (ItalyHLG) 2010-2014 and Honorary President of the Business Development Academy since 2014.

View Lorenzo Pradella’s profile on LinkedIn.

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Financial resources for clinical development: 5 million euro. Finance through VC.

Looking for a strategic partner:

  1. Tissue regeneratio
  2. Bone implant
  3. Orthopedic/traumatology market leaders

Examples of deals so far:

An incredible area is limb Leg Length Discrepancy in Children where children can have a surgical shortening of the longer leg: we can get longer the short one!

GreenBone is applicable to large bone damage caused by trauma, infections, cancer, malformation, spine fusion, leg length discrepancy in children (making longer the short leg!).

The Global Orthopedic Biomaterials (GOB) market is forecasted US$11,2 billion by 2018 (CAGR 10.78%). GreenBone use in different skeletal applications can target >40% of GOB market. 

Creative Minds

In the next few days the group of carefully selected Creative Minds will be named.


  1. Financial resources for clinical development 5 million euro?
  2. What partnerships could strengthen our position?
  3. How do we become key partner in tissue generation?


Financial resources of 5 million euro for the following main achievement
  1. First product EU clinical development study (start 2017 – end 2019);
  2. Achieve FDA compliance for US development;
  3. Complete manufacturing line GMP validation.