EMPOWER is an initiative of a group of Maltese business people, wanting to create employment opportunites for people with a disability who want to access the labour market. The cooperative was set up in January 2011 aiming to provide efficient and viable services to Maltese society in return for payment, provided that the provision of the labour force and service is to be undertaken by persons with disability and/or persons included under other vulnerable groups. Any such endeavours are to be under remunerative conditions for such persons and in such a manner that the services provided by them will contribute to their integration within society and to assist such persons in reaching their fullest potential and achieving greater levels of inclusion. Another aim of the cooperative is to participate in the formulation of legislation that facilitates the full and active inclusion of people with a disability in the labour market.

What we do

Our approach to how roles are aligned to predefined work processes is that we developed a methodology that devides the work process in smaller components / logical tasks that relate to specific skills allowing people with handicaps to work on those tasks their good at while supporting the overall work process.

We support the social enterprise

A social enterprise is a social mission driven organisation which applies market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose. Social enterprises facilitate the inclusion of disadvantaged persons and are distinctive because their social purpose remains central to their operations. Rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit, any surplus that is generated by the activities of a social enterprise is reinvested for a specific purpose that is related to the mission of the enterprise.

Nathan Farrugia

Nathan is Founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance and leads Team UP, rather organically, creating a multi-disciplinary approach to levelling up individuals and businesses through a wide range of amazing experiences.

Nathan graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of Malta and read an MBA from Strathclyde Graduate School of Business. He is a record-breaking endurance athlete, father, husband and philanthropist, and sits on a number of non-profit boards and for-profit businesses.

Previously founder and CEO of Inspire, Nathan is president of Malta’s largest non-profit organisation the Inspire Foundation, as well as the chair of the Voluntary Organisations Council, appointed by government to bring together and strengthen civil society through the energetic council.

He is a trustee of Children in Need and supports a wide range of other philanthropic initiatives through his endurance challenges.

As a motivational speaker he has travelled internationally to deliver high quality keynote presentations to c-level executives, business owners and to diverse teams representing every sector of society. Nathan has a passion for leadership development, business coaching and generally inspiring people to be the best they can be through self-belief and determination. He’s not happy whit his golf handicap, however….but he’s working on it!

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Empower organizations to work with people who are (partially) handicapped through changing their approach with regards to hiring / designing job profiles / operational processes to support people’s strengths.


To realize the paradigm shift with regards to human capital; where the focus lays with running a business towards the strength of people, maximizing the persons abilities.

Creative Minds

In the next few days the group of carefully selected Creative Minds will be named.


  1. How can we truly create the ‘mind-set change’ in organizations to adapt to this approach?
  2. How and where can we apply for government of EU support e.g. financially as well as laws on labour issues?
  3. How can we make best usage of technology to support our business? We were thinking of software to upload profiles on, display business skills for people with a handicap: what is it that you CAN do and last but not least giving HR-leaders an insight in what is possible?