Micreos winner of the Dutch Finals of Ideas From Europe!

By 8th September 2017Semi-finalists

Micreos is the most innovative idea on the podium of Making Waves event on the Afsluitdijk. Micreos will represent the Netherlands at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn. Rain(a)way was voted best by the public.

The jury, chaired by Kajsa Ollongren, judged the ideas, solutions and presentation of 17 Dutch innovators who had solutions on water-, climate-, food-, energy-, health- and security challenges.

According to the chairman of the jury Kajsa Ollongren, it was a difficult decision. “This project is really helping the world. The difference between the winner and the others is that this project is already beyond prototype, beyond the garage. If they do the right thing, the can really reach out to the world.”

Runners up
The jury also selected four runners up: Aquista, Bluerise, Slowmill and Villagepump. “We felt that amongst the competitors there were a number of ideas that have impact. We hope that you will find the network that can help you.” The four are invited to come to the semi-final


With Micreos’ endolysin technology, for the first time we can kill only the unwanted bacteria – including antibiotic resistant strains – while preserving the beneficial bacteria, essential for our health. Micreos’ Staphefekt SA.100 is an enzyme (endolysin), that kills only  Staphylococcus aureus, including the very resistant MRSA.

It is already available under the Gladskin brand in many countries and has had a life changing impact for thousands of people with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne and wound infections.

Rain(a)way winner public voting
The audience and viewers of the live stream could also participate, by voting for their favourite idea. Almost 1500 votes were casted. With over 23 percent, Rain(a)way was voted as the most inspiring idea. Rain(a)way discovered how rainwater can be used as a quality. Paving in which rainwater is visibly integrated shows the natural beauty of water and addresses the rainwater problem.

From the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment they’ve received a 5000 Euro budget, which can be used for training purposes and innovative development. The award and the check was presented by Henk Ovink, ‎Special Envoy for International Water Affairs at Kingdom of the Netherlands.