[Call To Action]: Space Wisdom

Authorities are considered (first) customers for space data products. The demand for innovation in the public domain is considered scarce, albeit the risk/uncertainty involved in innovation cycles.

Local authorities should organise (also in an international perspective) to define and address challenges and share this with the industry. Create a “mind shift” in the necessity of collaborating with the various actors within the industry (from startup to corporate).

International agreements (eg Paris Climate Agreement) as well as recent courts judgements about carrying individual climate responsibilities of large industry players could open up the way for the application of new technology domains ( eg. Navigation, EO and Satellite Communication).

Information/ knowledge exchange mechanisms and our rich technology legacy, contribute to the development of the smart cities of the future in other global regions and stimulate the Dutch industry.

Integrated governance of satellite data products is required to increase data uptake.

Call to action:

1. Increase transparency in the innovation needs of Cities/ local Authorities, define proper regulatory framework (who carries the risk) and set clear identifiers of how space data should perform (to which benchmarks)

2. Keep stimulating the awareness creation about space data to a non-space audience to identify stakeholders in public procurement, organise political backing, and identify supporting financing mechanisms

3. Involve branch organisations/networks for inventory of demands and technical requirements in a public procurement process

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