Join us in celebrating the first #DagTegenGas on the 27th of March!

We are really proud of supporting the first national Fossil free day (#DagTegenGas)!

We share this initiative with various organizations, including Urgenda, the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy (NVDE), and De Nieuwe Gevers, together with a coalition of energy transition experts. The Dutch minister of Energy is also supporting #DagTegenGas!

On March 27th, we will celebrate the first national Fossil free day!

Why this initiative?

Because many households, companies, governments, organisations and communities as possible are motivated to reduce their fossil energy consumption with large or small initiatives. Fossil free day is an expression of support for Ukraine and aims to create extra awareness for the role of fossil energy in society and how its use can be used to maintain money flows to Russia. Indeed, Europe needs to become less dependent on Russian oil! This day offers guidance for individuals as well as companies and governments on how the structural use of fossil energy can be reduced.

The war in Ukraine is partly made possible by proceeds from fossil fuels sold to the West. Fossil free day stimulates and collects initiatives that contribute to reducing energy consumption in order to have a direct effect on this. All initiatives and participating organisations are collected on the online platform.

How to contribute?

Everyone can contribute! Households, companies, governments…we are happy to welcoming you in this initiative!¬†Feel free to share on socials your contributions to this wonderful initiative with the #DagTegenGas and learn more on the website!

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