Ten, plus one, Ideas from Europe finalists

By 23rd November 2017News

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden are going to the finals of Ideas from Europe on April 24, 2018 in the Knight’s Hall in The Hague, the Netherlands. The jury found these ideas the most innovative and believe these will have the most impact on our society.

The winners

This is what the jury, Kaupo Reede, Kristin Schreiber, Ulrike Rabmer Kollen and Cees Vermaas had to say about the ideas:

  1. Julien Penders of Bloomlife (Belgium): “If you are a mother the solution of Bloomlife will give you a piece of mind.”
  2. Klaus B. Pederson of Too Good to Go (Denmark): “A practical solution to the second hand market of food.”
  3. Steffen Preuss of Ichò (Germany): “This solution is acknowledging the tremendous problem of dementia and a practical device that brings relief.”
  4. Fiona Edwards Murphy of ApisProtect (Ireland): “We need bees to make sure our food supply will last. This solution will help the bee population.”
  5. Aida Nazarikhorram of LuxAI (Luxemburg): “There is a big potential in technology that lets children interact more easily with robots.”
  6. Mark Offerhaus of Micreos (the Netherlands): “This solution is potentially so ground breaking as an alternative for antibiotics.”
  7. Artur Racicki of SEEDia (Poland): “The combination of something practical and modern that will help both us and the environment.”
  8. Francisco Duarte of PavNext (Portugal): “The combination of safety and energy producing has a great potential.”
  9. Mervi Pänkäläinen of Mightifier (Finland): “This really brings a change to behaviour and help children against bullying.”

Because Speak Up of Sweden has the same ability as Mightifier, but only with a different target group, the jury felt that both Finland and Sweden should share the stage in The Hague.

And there is even more. Because the jury also thought that the project of Stefan Steinberger, Refugee{code} was of such importance in helping in the refugee crisis, they felt it deserved a special mention. And therefore he will also go to The Hague, to join the other finalists.


From November 23 on, the broad public in Europe and elsewhere in the world will have the chance to choose a tenth finalist with a wildcard. They can vote online via http://ideasfrom.eu/vote for one of the other nineteen solutions that weren’t chosen by the jury.

The innovator with the most votes will also go to the finals in the Knight’s Hall in The Hague, The Netherlands on April 24, 2018.