QTrobot helps children with Autism

By 6th November 2017Semi-finalists

Autism affects 1 in every 68 children, and millions of their families with huge social and economic burdens. Often, children with Autism have high interest in technology. Dr. Aida Nazarikhorram, Medical doctor and co-founder of LuxAI has found an innovative way to help families and children with Autism. With QTrobot, an interactive humanoid robot.

QTrobot is an exceptional therapeutic aid that benefits children with Autism. It is an engaging and interactive humanoid robot, which can attract the children’s attention to teach them new life skills. The QTrobot can take different roles, depending on the needs of children, their therapists and the content of the lessons. It can be an educational tool or actively play a role of a tutor or an educational play partner.

The cute robot has an expressive face, capable of showing various facial expressions and emotions, and that versatile face facilitates the process of teaching emotions to children with autism. Having a humanoid body enables QTrobot not only to teach facial expressions and emotions, but also to teach body language to children with autism.

Dr. Aida Nazarikhorram and QTrobot will represent Luxemburg during the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn and tell their story on stage. Want to see QTrobot’s story and all the other innovative solutions that will take on global challenges? Watch the live stream on November 22.