Value Track Personalised Medicine

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The innovative solutions are out there. We, government, (corporate) organisations, citizens want this. Why is it not there yet? The Value Track ‘Personalised Medicine’ revealed  the relevancy and priority of …

From Unicorns to Zebras. How can we stimulate sustainable (investment) business models?

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24 april 2018, From Unicorns to Zebras. Ideas from Europe shows that a growing number of entrepreneurs is working on innovation for a better world. These companies focus not only…

A way to cure the common cold

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It is still one of the most common diseases in the world; the common cold. We spend nearly five years of our lives coughing and having clogged noses. Most remedies…

Faster diagnoses with simplified techniques

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People working at heights need to have perfect balance. To diagnose problems with balance, Ear-Nose-Throat-doctors (ENT-doctors) need to comb through vast amounts of data to come the right conclusion. If…

Taking on surplus waste and helping vulnerable groups

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More than 20 percent of harvest every year gets rotten and unused. Millions of tonnes of good food are wasted. Violeta Masteikienė of GMM Projektai has created an easy to…

Making electric mobility understandable

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Electric mobility is the future. That is why eCars from Bulgaria not only works on making sure the Electronic Vehicles (EV) get the best power units to charge them, eCars…

Warm and fresh air with solar energy

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Air is one of the most important components of our health, and it has to be of high quality. Since people spend 70% of their time indoors, indoor climate and…

Using stem cells from plants to create ingredients

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Plants are a vital resource. They are used for food, industrial and medicinal purposes. However, despite their importance and wide applications, access to many of them is still limited. Alternative…

QTrobot helps children with Autism

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Autism affects 1 in every 68 children, and millions of their families with huge social and economic burdens. Often, children with Autism have high interest in technology. Dr. Aida Nazarikhorram,...

Using innovative solutions for beekeeping

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Bees are important to the world. As half of the estimated 81 million beehives around the world loose there colonies each year, innovative solutions to help keep the beehives intact…

The Internet of Crops

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Today, after leaving the field, 17% of the world’s food products spoil during storage and transit – a loss that affects families all over the planet, especially in developing countries….

Rythm’s Dreem enhances our sleep to enhance our performance

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We spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet most people still know relatively little about sleep and its implications for our bodies. With their breakthrough wearable technology that improves…

Solar powered benches throughout the city

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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you are sitting on a bench, enjoying the view of the city and decide to take some photos. When you reach to your pocket,…

Using kinetic energy for safer cities and to power them

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A smart way to reduce road accidents in cities and creating new energy to power the same city. The Portuguese company Pavnext has found a way to do both. That…

Building social skills of students with Mightifier

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Anxiety and bullying are the main threats to student well-being, their creativity, teamwork skills and basically their ability to learn. Creating a safe and encouraging learning environment, helps them developing…

Austria’s winner helps refugees learn to program

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All over Europe, refugees want to be a part of the new society that they are in. On the other hand, businesses are looking for talented and skilled software developers….

AgiliCity is designing the city of the future

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With more and more people leaving rural areas to relocate to the city, a good city planning is pinnacle to deal with migration. AgiliCity from Ljubljana in Slovenia has created…

Cleaning ballast water with Balmaris

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Ballast water is considered as one of the most important contributors of the transportation of invasive alien species (IAS) in aquatic ecosystems. Balmaris has the solution to clean that ballast…

Virtual Medicine

Virtual Medicine to represent Slovakia

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Learning about the human anatomy with the help of Virtual Reality (VR). That is the aim of Virtual Medicine, found by four students of Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava. They will…


Sensbar’s cricket flour to represent Czech Republic

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Billions of human beings need protein to exist. But the way we produce it today is destroying our planet. Sensbar is tackling this, by using cricket flour to produce protein…

‘Too Good To Go’ is the winner in Denmark

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Too much food is being wasted. Too Good To Go’s vision is one of a world where all food produced is food consumed. That is why they are chosen to…


Bloomlife is the Belgian candidate for the Ideas from Europe semi-finals

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The women’s health company Bloomlife will represent Belgium on the Ideas from Europe stage in Tallinn in November. Bloomlife and its founder Julien Penders were selected at a special event…


Cyprus sends SyndeSeas to Tallinn

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SyndeSeas is the innovative company that will represent Cyprus at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn in November. The Cypriot company has created a novel innovative integrated solution…

Ichò-system will represent Germany in Tallinn

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Germany has proudly announced that Ichò System will represent their country at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn. They were announced at the Special Impact Awards ceremony by…

Swedish Finals winner counteracts bullying

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The winner of the Swedish Ideas from Europe has been announced! Please meet Speak UP!, the app that counteracts bullying among students. Speak Up! allows students of all ages anonymously...

Activities 2017-2018

  • April 2017: EU-wide search for potential solutions to global challenges
  • November 2017: semi-finals in Tallinn where the nine best ideas are selected for the finals
  • January 2018: the general public selects the tenth idea via public voting
  • Spring 2018: at the final stage the ten selected ideas will be presented to stakeholders who are needed to scale-up the ideas

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