New search!

Ideas from Europe has launched its second search for potential solutions to global challenges.

From now on, EU Member States will search for entrepreneurs with ideas that can change the world.

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Activities 2017-2018

  • April 2017: EU-wide search for potential solutions to global challenges
  • November 2017: semi-finals in Tallinn where the nine best ideas are selected for the finals
  • January 2018: the general public selects the tenth idea via public voting
  • Spring 2018: at the final stage the ten selected ideas will be presented to stakeholders who are needed to scale-up the ideas


Estonian drones to inspect powerlines

| Semi-finalists | No Comments

Powerlines run all over Europe. To inspect them in rural areas can be challenge. The Estonian company Hepta has the solution for that: automated inspections with drones. They will represent…

Virtual Medicine

Virtual Medicine to represent Slovakia

| Semi-finalists | No Comments

Learning about the human anatomy with the help of Virtual Reality (VR). That is the aim of Virtual Medicine, found by four students of Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava. They will…


Sensbar’s cricket flour to represent Czech Republic

| Semi-finalists | No Comments

Billions of human beings need protein to exist. But the way we produce it today is destroying our planet. Sensbar is tackling this, by using cricket flour to produce protein…

‘Too Good To Go’ is the winner in Denmark

| Semi-finalists | No Comments

Too much food is being wasted. Too Good To Go’s vision is one of a world where all food produced is food consumed. That is why they are chosen to…