Side events of Ideas from Europe
April 23 and April 24, 2018, The Hague

Accompanying the main event – the finals of Ideas from Europe – a number of side events are organised on April 23rd and 24th.
Join us in challenging the obstacles that face the successful realisation of our impactful solutions.

From Unicorns to Zebra’s session

Exploratory workshop: From Unicorns to Zebra’s. How can we stimulate sustainable (investment) business models? In partnership with the ‘Impact City of The Hague’.

Together we will explore how we can stimulate the growth of businesses that aim ‘to do business and do good’ and define which challenges can be tackled not only on a local and national level, but also on an European level.
Time 9.30 – 11.00 CET

Registration has closed.
For more information please contact Mrs. Katarzyna Balucka.

Policy perspective meeting

In the late afternoon (5.30-7.30 PM CET) on April 23 the Policy Perspective Meeting will focus on the topic Reimbursement in the field of Personalised Medicine. What we hear in terms of shared constraints:

1. A common denominator seems to be the reimbursement by insurers; the Health Technology Assessment utilities don’t always fit the evaluation of personalised solutions
2. In general, the concept of higher investments early on in the treatment process for molecular diagnostics or targeted therapies to have longer term economical and patient related benefits later on aren’t acknowledged in the healthcare system yet

With a group of innovators we are addressing these constraints. During the Policy Perspective Meeting innovators, doctors, health insurers, policy makers and researchers will emphasize the need to update the HTA utilities methodology, thus strengthening one another in creating transparency how reimbursement could work to make personalised medicine applications accessible for patients.
The next element is that we share the outcome and generate international media exposure during the Finals of Ideas from Europe the next day with high ranked national and European stakeholders.

For more information please contact Mrs Nynke Quant

International Wildlife Forensic and Veterinary Academy

Towards the first International Wildlife Forensic and Veterinary Academy in the World. With demonstrations such as Serious gaming, Virtual reality, distance learning and lectures from:

Mr. Andro Vos, Netherlands Forensic Institute (founder) and speaker Ideas from Europe 2018
Dr. Jana Pretorius, (co-founder) and specialist wildlife veterinarian
Dr. Greg Simpson, (co-founder) and wildlife veterinarian
Dr. Susan Underkoffler, Program director wildlife forensic science and conservation, University Florida

Time: 20.00 – 22.30 CET
Location: Huis ten Haghe
Adress: Tournooiveld 3, 2511 CX The Hague

For more information please contact Mr. Andro Vos

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Speak Up!
Tobias Wernius

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