Taking on surplus waste and helping vulnerable groups

By 9th November 2017Semi-finalists

More than 20 percent of harvest every year gets rotten and unused. Millions of tonnes of good food are wasted. Violeta Masteikienė of GMM Projektai has created an easy to use food sharing platform and an innovative line of products that are produced by using harvest surplus and including socially vulnerable groups into the process.

One of the spearhead projects of Violeta and GMM Prjektai was the ‘Friends Jam initiative’. This initiative helps large families to arrive at the harvest in the coordinated timetable for the availability of berries, fruits and vegetables. The jams produced from the harvested harvest, were sold by the children of many families who have succeeded in harvesting. It was the stepping stone that helped Violeta to clear up the idea of ​​a European platform that would allow to share crop surplus, change habits of consumption and promote communion.

“I feel the responsibility to represent Lithuanian social business in Europe and a great desire. This will require a lot of work, and one field is not a warrior, so the first job is to team up,” Violeta said after she was chosen to represent Lithuania at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallinn on November 22. Want to hear more about her platform? Tune in to the live stream on November 22 and listen to Violeta’s ideas to better social business.