Using innovative solutions for beekeeping

By 6th November 2017Semi-finalists

Bees are important to the world. As half of the estimated 81 million beehives around the world loose there colonies each year, innovative solutions to help keep the beehives intact are necessary. Fiona Edwards Murphy, founder of ApisProtect from Cork, Ireland has found those solutions.

ApisProtect uses the internet of things (IoT) and big data to help beekeepers reduce losses and increase productivity in hives. With sensors, machine learning and old-fashioned beekeeping knowledge, ApisProtect helps beekeepers to identify hive problems, diseases and pests.

ApisProtect is inspired by research from academia and Fiona Edwards Murphy has sone her doctoral research into the application of sensors and networking in honey bee hives. Now ApisProtect moves to use the technology in beehives into the commercial sphere, to provide insight for beekeepers to prevent losses and increase productivity.

Fiona Edwards Murphy will represent Ireland during the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe on November 22 in Tallinn. There she will try to convince the jury to send her to the Knight’s Hall in The Hague in April 2018.