Using stem cells from plants to create ingredients

By 7th November 2017Semi-finalists

Plants are a vital resource. They are used for food, industrial and medicinal purposes. However, despite their importance and wide applications, access to many of them is still limited. Alternative Plants from Latvia develops plant stem cell cultures for sustainable production of botanical ingredients.

Plant stem cell technology makes inaccessible ingredients from rare medicinal plants accessible. It powers Alternative Plants to turn inconsistency into invariable quality, excluding seasonality risks, and it all without harming nature. “Our technology is easy to scale and highly sustainable – we do not exploit land and there is minimal use of energy and water,” says Anna Ramata-Stunda, co-founder and CEO of Alternative Plants.

“With the botanical ingredients that we produce, we are first targeting cosmetic active ingredients market. Our ingredients undergo scrupulous chemical and biological characterisation, which allows us to provide our clients not only new rock star ingredients, but also regulations compatible ready-to-use efficacy data.”

Anna and Alternative Plants were chosen by the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian investment and development agency to be their candidate for the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe in Tallin on November 22. Watch their pitch live via the live stream.