Value Track Personalised Medicine

By 24th May 2018News

The innovative solutions are out there. We, government, (corporate) organisations, citizens want this. Why is it not there yet?

The Value Track ‘Personalised Medicine’ revealed  the relevancy and priority of  ‘reimbursement of personalised care’. To get to the ‘how’ a wide range of (bio)tech companies and entrepreneurs from all over the EU including the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Hungary joined forces with experts from the healthcare industry, including insurers and policy makers during the policy perspective.

As one of the participants said: ‘For all of us it applies: It’s not about being right. It’s about getting it right. We all deliver towards an integral model to realise this innovation. The set-up and context of the Value Track set a new light on things, allowing for a positive attitude and openness of all stakeholders involved.’

Whilst we are still in the pilot phase outcomes will be shared with participants of the Value Track. The common thread will follow through the HIMMS Europe (May, Spain) via the ICT & Health World Congres (June, the Netherlands) towards the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine congres (November, Milan) where all ideas collected will be presented and published to support (pro)active policymaking.

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