People Flows

People Flows

Safe and seamless flow of people and data in crowded places

Safe and seamless flow of people and data in crowded places


People Flows is a case of collective value; it is the fundamental for economic growth, societal value and business opportunities to flourish. Whether government, corporate, educational institutes, small entrepreneurs or even us as a citizen we highly depend on safe and seamless flows. Whereby the focus is on putting the citizens in the driving seat to control their credentials.


The constraints and conditions are related to data and eID, including how this can be globally interoperable, for example with the EU Digital COVID Certificate, Mobile Driving License Standard and Verifiable Credentials. This will help lay the foundation for a trusted ID Wallet and for safe, seamless travel and events. The landscape of the development and innovation for People Flows is complex and fragmented. Enabling solutions to create alignment are required to deliver on the innovations needed in this field.


Compo Software, UL Identity Management & Security, Skyteam, European Commission (DG Connect and eHealth Network), TU Delft, Open Geospatial Consortium, Linux Foundation, Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport, RDW, Dutch Ministry of Health, Google, Samsung, Thales, SAS-Institute, North American Airlines , Dutch Ministry of Health, Digicampus and more.


  • Call-to-collaborate ‘Citizen in the driver seat’ is based on the Mobile Driving License as an enabler to lead standardisation for digital health passes, identity wallets among other relevant solutions in relation to credentials being shared.


  • Call-to-Collaborate ‘Biometric Verification’ is based on transferring Digital Covid Certificates in a standards based digital identity wallet being verified based on biometrics.

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