People Flows

People Flows

People Flows represents the way people can move from A to B in public, crowded place in a safe, secure and comfortable way.

People Flows represents the way people can move from A to B in public, crowded place in a safe, secure and comfortable way.

The aim of People Flows is that people can visit busy places safely and comfortably again, can travel and that the flows of people travel safely, while maintaining privacy.

One of the use cases is that people can safely visit busy areas, buildings or events while maintaining sufficient physical distance, such as airports, stadiums, museums or theaters

A second use case is to exchange the status of covid-19 tests or vaccination certificates while guaranteeing the privacy of the people.

A third use case is to enable contactless travel or movement in public areas to minimize the risk of infection by touching.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every segment of the economy. Especially hard hit has been the travel and tourism sector, representing 10 percent of global GDP which decreased by 49.1%.

There is a very real risk that digital health passes could fail to deliver the anticipated public health, social, and economic benefits if they are not widely trusted and adopted by the public and universally accepted by airlines and border control agencies.

Also the physical flow of people will need to be supported by privacy preserving data sharing technologies to ensure physical distancing now and as key enablers for a safe and trustworthy future digital economy and society for all.

Through the ValueTrack framework we will be leveraging our leading position today related to privacy for health certificates and physical distancing to be adopted and implemented in the EU and rest of the world.

Call to action 1:

Together with organizations like the Good Health Pass Collaborative, Skyteam, Medicorps, Compo Software and SAS DNA Lab, an international pilot will be conducted to demonstrate interoperability between the EU Digital Covid Certificates and for example IATA Travel Pass based on the Good Health Pass Principles and Blueprint and the innovative privacy implementation of the Dutch Covid Test App.

Call to action 2:

Together with organizations like Rotterdam The Hague Airport Innovation Foundation, Royal HaskoningDHV and Smart Distance Lab we will be demonstrating the leading role in innovation in safe and seamless traveling including crowd management and physical distancing towards the EU Entrepreneurship Summit and G20.

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People Flows

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