Personalised Health

Personalised Health

Personalised Health has to become part of our daily lives

Personalised Health has to become part of our daily lives

We all agree that it is important to ensure healthy lives and well-being for everyone in Europe. However, to organise this into a valid and cost-effective system is a big challenge.

Personalised Health brings innovative approaches in which diagnostics and medicine can be tailored to the needs of a specific person; combining a patient centric approach with economic opportunity.

With the Value Track Personalised Health we look to jointly scale-up innovations further, making Personalised Health part of daily life in a way that ensures health and well-being for all European citizens.


1) Minimum Viable Product Compass for entrepreneurs

The medical devices sector is essential to the provision of healthcare to citizens and is an important player in both the European and global economy. Medical devices play a fundamental and increasing role in saving lives by providing innovative healthcare solutions for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis, treatment or alleviation of disease.

The EU has a competitive and innovative medical devices sector, characterised by the active role of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is supported by a regulatory framework that aims to ensure the smooth functioning of the internal market, taking as a base a high level of protection of health for patients and users. The regulatory framework evolves and gets more and more complex whilst innovative development in this field still strongly continues.

A mechanism to quickly understand the current legislation; which rule applies to what solution in what context would benefit both innovators and policymakers. It could also ensure that The Netherlands/EU is the best environment to support high potential entrepreneurship and facilitates an environment for taking a lead position with regards to medical devices development cycles.

Call to action:  a) deliver a minimum viable product of a solution for entrepreneurs to easily get an overview of rules that apply to their specific case and get instant updates when changes take place. And in the longer run the focus could be on next steps such as: b) build upon insights gained to provide a market feedback loop for policymakers c) enable testing to measure the impact of new policies.

2) ‘Althorithm to go’ with your medicine 

Part of the battle for innovations such as genomics, AI or Machine Learning is the future-fit model to implement and scale high tech inventions to be part of an integrated market solution. This implies multi-stakeholder alignment and collaboration. Since merely all stakeholders in this field are focussed on patient-centric solutions, why not start from there?

The case: Translating relevant data to support the decision of medical experts in relation to their advice to patients is key. DearHealth is one good example to accomplish this mission. Driven by AI and being able to overcome strict regulatory hurdles they now offer opportunities to other innovators and health innovators. Preventative health and health tailored to people’s daily lives and behaviour will be integrated.

A multi-stakeholder group will focus on: providing an algorithm to find your best treatment.

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Personalised Health

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'We all agree that it is important to ensure healthy lives and well-being for everyone Europe.'