Personalised Health

Personalised Health

Accelerate innovation for improved Health

Accelerate innovation for improved Health


Personalised Health brings innovative approaches in which diagnostics and medicine can be tailored to the needs of a specific person; combining a patient centric approach with economic opportunity.

With the Value Track Personalised Health we look to jointly scale-up innovations further, making Personalised Health part of daily life in a way that ensures health and well-being for all European citizens.


Regulation – especially in Europe – is an important factor for entrepreneurs aiming to deliver health devices to the market. Solutions to navigating the complexity of the law and regulatory landscape will not only benefit entrepreneurs, but will also indicate the impact of regulations to policymakers, investors and hospital boards.

As the chain from Med Tech Inventions to applied solutions for citizens shows a large number of interdependencies, it’s challenging to achieve the highest values for all parties involved. Transparency and insights into the conditions that enable New Market Design for sustainable health innovation are needed with an overview for all stakeholders involved.


PHC Catalyst, Siemens Healthineers, TechLeap, Topsector Life Sciences and Health, Dear Health, Health AI,Nostics, TEchnopolis Group, Ministry of Health, RegMedXB



  • Call-to-collaborate on the ‘Regulatory Compass for Health Innovation’ focusing on the solutions to navigate the complexity of the regulatory landscape already successfully applied in the financial world. How can we apply this enabling solution for entrepreneurs, policy-makers, investors and hospital boards in the innovative health domain?


  • Call-to-collaborate: ‘Whole-Chain Multistakeholder Studies’ is an enabler to create transparency on innovative health solutions implementation from tech invention to applied solution.

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Personalised Health

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