Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Brining energy storage solutions to market

Brining energy storage solutions to market


We envision the future energy system as a decentralised and democratic platform of which energy storage and conversion are an integral part. Energy storage is the backbone of the energy transition: as the missing link between intermittent renewable power and 24/7 reliability, to relieve net congestion and smooth out the variations in power and to create a more flexible (micro) grid.


Technology development and business innovation make solutions feasible and scalable, particularly with the cost of storage decreasing. Despite the consensus for needing a more flexible energy system, the market is currently too slow in developing it.

This is a serious concern, as it may cause those with talent and expertise to move away to other markets where investments are more readily available. We urgently need those innovative solutions to remedy the climate crisis facing our present and our future.


A coalition of representatives from FME/Energy Storage NL, Invest-NL, TenneT, Alliander, TKI Energy and Industry, and (startup) companies Mott MacDonald, PowerD, QuinteQ Energy, Elestor, Emmett Green, Kode21 has identified pieces of the puzzle by working on the following four business cases:

• Grid and regulations

• Electric mobility integration in the grids

• Industrial electrification

• Built environment


Set up a dedicated publicprivate taskforce to develop a comprehensive strategy to push the market for storage of energy forward.

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Renewable Energy

Linda van Duivenbode

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'Energy storage and conversion allows us to speed up the energy transition and help achieve a fully carbon neutral economy within the European Union.'