Ideas from Europe (IFE) champions collaboration: Shared Purpose. Joint Development.

Our Value Track methodology aligns stakeholder perspectives to investigate the conditions under which innovative development can be successful. We then identify and connect specific stakeholders based on collective motivation and individual needs.

The Value Track includes governments, scientific institutions, corporate organisations, innovators, non-profit organisations and of course citizens. Participants can be involved in multiple roles. For example, a Government can participate from an innovation perspective, a funding perspective and/or a regulatory perspective.

There are 3 key stages in our Value Track process:

  1. Validate Shared Purpose
  2. Validate Opportunities and Constraints
  3. Facilitate Matches and Collaboration

These key stakeholders each then bring in relevant stakeholders from within their organisations and networks, to identify opportunities and constraints that impact the innovative development.

The insights we gain from these experts identifying constraints and opportunities enable us to then connect people and resources effectively and trigger Joint Development.   All the while, awareness of the Value Track development grows among the relevant community, bringing in additional collaboration and insight.