We need your opinion!

On April 24 2018, at the Finals of Ideas from Europe,12 passionate innovators presented their solutions, which are part of society’s shared purposes to make the world a better place. We asked the audience and the people watching through the live stream, which of these innovations they considered to be most relevant. Winner of the public vote was Micreos, with the world’s first targeted antibacterial products in the fight against antibiotic resistance; Runners up were ApisProtect, using sensors in beehives to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies and prevent extinction of species and Too Good to Go, a smartphone application that helps avoid food waste by restaurants and food sellers.

Now we are asking you!

Which shared purposes should be facilitated as sustainable solutions for our global challenges? Let us know before July 3 2018, by grading each of these shared purposes below. The ones with the highest grade will be actively facilitated by Ideas from Europe, using its network of experts and stakeholders, to help the joint development of these solutions to a global challenge.