Ideas From Europe is a social broker for innovation with societal impact. Our mission is to create impact by connecting entrepreneurship, innovation and investment. 

We are continuously bringing together innovative entrepreneurs, governments, corporates, scientists, NGOs and investors, who together can bring solutions with societal and economic impact to market faster en better.

Get in touch if you seek opportunities for:

  • connecting with public and private stakeholders, governments, peers or investors in Europe
  • becoming an active participant and a voice in current complex innovative transitions
  • joining in existing networks and ‘coalitions of willing’ we build around a number of topics (see Themes)


We are connecting stakeholders and building coalitions of willing within these themes:
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    Smart Cities

    Moving satellite-based applications from innovation to operation, that is what we aim for.

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    People Flows

    SHARED PURPOSE People Flows is a case of collective value; it is the fundamental for economic growth, societal value and business opportunities to…

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  • simone-van-der-koelen-611419-unsplash

    Personalised Health

    We all agree that it is important to ensure healthy lives and well-being for all in Europe. However, to organise…

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    Renewable Energy

    By creating a market for energy storage solutions we aim to speed up the energy transition and help achieve a…

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