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Three solutions chosen as most relevant, now it is up to you!

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With an inspiring event in the Knights’ Hall in The Hague on 24 April, we kicked off the joint development of shared purposes to take on global challenges. Twelve inspiring entrepreneurs showcased their solutions illustrating these purposes. The audience, consisting of 500 European guests in the venue and many more watching via the livestream, chose three solutions as most relevant: Micreos, with the world’s first targeted antibacterial product, won the public vote. Runners up were; ApisProtect, using in hive-sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies; and Too Good to Go, a smartphone application that helps restaurants and food sellers sell their surplus food instead of wasting it, thereby fighting food waste. Now we are asking you!

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Now it is up to you. Which of the shared purposes that were presented on stage do you think is the most relevant?

Let us know!

These are the twelve developments and the shared purposes they represent we want you to tell us about

‘Modern antenatal care’

‘Support the mental health of kids’

‘Outsmart urban environment / solutions’

‘Outsmart urban safety / solutions’

‘Prevent the extinction of species’

‘Eliminate food wastage’
Too good to go

‘Empower respectful societies’

‘Empower respectful societies’
Speak Up!

‘Improve refugee integration’

‘Minimize the impact of neuro-degenerative diseases’ Ichò

‘Eliminate insomnia’

‘Intelligent medicine’

It was a blast. Missed it? Watch it again and listen to the support we got.