Ideas from Europe:

a new perspective on joint development

Ideas from Europe facilitates the joint development around solutions that potentially help solve Global Challenges.

Join our community where scaling up and societal impact go hand in hand!


There is a multitude of great ideas in Europe that contribute to solving global challenges. Unfortunately, most of them are not known or connected to stakeholders. Technological development, however, increasingly facilitates open development. Your and our will to achieve progress do so as well. If we put our minds to it, we can do remarkable things together. 

This is the basic principle from which Ideas from Europe has grown successfully over the past few years.

Ideas from Europe was born in 2015, advancing ideas with societal impact from all over Europe. After a broad search, European entrepreneurs with great ideas were selected to share their ideas on the TEDxBinnenhof stage on March 31st 2016. Stakeholders from all kinds like citizens, scientists, authorities, ngo’s, established and new businesses were inspired to actively share their knowledge, experience and network in the period after the event. 

And still, Ideas from Europe continues to facilitate new connections, conversations and actions around the ideas.

We not only facilitate the speakers in realising their dreams, also the stakeholders involved are able to learn and apply the results in their domain of expertise. The mutual benefits from the joint development process help the initial Ideas to scale and reach new heights.

We welcome you to join our continuous search for European ideas and participate in our joint development tracks!



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