Most solutions to our global challenges are already out there. The impact of the solutions strongly depends on the context in which they need to be scaled.

This context is often, certainly in the case of social challenges, complex and not transparent.

In order to get a clear understanding of this context, an early engagement of stakeholders (citizens, start- and scale-ups, regulators, scientists and so on) is essential.

Their different perspectives on the ideas, the constraints and opportunities give valuable insights about the conditions under which ideas with social and economic impact can scale.

Ideas from Europe uses the Value Development Track-methodology to unlock the potential of ideas worth doing, and benefit from the power of collective intelligence and collaboration of stakeholders:

  1. EU-wide search for potential solutions to global challenges New search announced!
  2. Validation of ideas; alignment between global challenge, pending market-need and evidence of
  3. Validation of constraints and opportunities
  4. Scale-up systematic approach of mapping connections and actions

We are building a platform to support the Value Development Tracks.

Ideas from Europe was founded/initiated in 2015. After an EU-wide search, entrepreneurs with potential solutions to global challenges were selected to share their ideas on the TEDxBinnenhof stage on March 31st 2016.

All kinds of stakeholders, such as citizens, scientists, authorities, NGOs, established and new businesses, were inspired to actively share their knowledge, experience and network in the period after the event.