A marketplace for innovative development

IFE finds innovators with solutions to global challenges, puts them in the spotlight and connects them to relevant stakeholders.

Building on the success of TEDxBinnenhof, Ideas from Europe (IFE) was launched in 2015 with the aim to find innovators with potential solutions to global challenges throughout Europe, put them in the spotlight and connect them to relevant stakeholders. The IFE-approach worked: Europe’s game-changing innovators were identified and interconnected in IFE’s ecosystem. In 2016, IFE selected the Value Track methodology to evolve from an event to a ‘marketplace for innovative development’. In 2017 IFE announced its new approach, moving from the incidental scaling of one solution to a systematic scaling approach for groups of innovators and their stakeholders.

IFE is an initiative of the Dutch Government and the European Commission. IFE is supported by public and private partners in 28 Member States. The IFE program is also managed by the Sustainable Scale-up Foundation (SSF), based in the Netherlands.

SSF maintains a lean approach to a organisational structure and works primarily with external experts. Our team currently consists of strategists and experienced professionals in the areas of governance, policy making, data intelligence, platform technology, (social) media, (digital) communication, business development and event management.

  • Sonja van Meerbeek

    Sonja van Meerbeek

    Managing Director

  • Tess Rutgers van Rozenburg - Rottier

    Tess Rutgers van Rozenburg - Rottier

    Strategy Partner

  • Zuzana Wilms

    Zuzana Wilms

    Head of Operations

  • Mats Spitholt

    Mats Spitholt

    Value Track Specialist

  • Nynke Quant

    Nynke Quant

    Value Track Lead Personalized Medicine

  • Pamela Logjes

    Pamela Logjes

    Value Track Lead Self-Care

  • Linda van Duivenbode

    Linda van Duivenbode

    Value Track Lead Renewable Energy

  • Hannah Foaden

    Hannah Foaden

    Value Track Consultant