Europe is buzzing with innovative and sustainable solutions for global issues. However, developing these ideas into applications that can be deployed on a large scale often proves to be a huge challenge. Issues such as scalability, insight into market demand and funding all stand in the way of successful realisation. This is where Ideas from Europe comes in: we are an independent platform that connects all parties necessary and facilitates the development of an idea into a mature, sustainable solution.

Responsible, sustainable business is no longer a niche market, but one with significant potential in terms of drivers of economic and social growth. This requires new market models that guarantee and secure values for social growth and rely on financial support from multiple parties. That is why Ideas from Europe has developed a model that brings together and encourages stakeholders to help not just one, but rather groups of innovators to bring their solutions to market faster and more effectively.

Who we are?

Ideas from Europe was founded in 2016 and now has a proven track record as a booster and facilitator of joint sustainable developments.

The organisation is an initiative of the Dutch government and the European Commission and is sustainably backed by the 28 European member states and private partners.

Our mission:

  • Validating shared interest
  • Identifying questions and obstacles
  • Opening insights and networks
  • Linking people and resources
  • … to accelerate and scale up
  • sustainable innovation!

Sonja van Meerbeek
IFE co-founder:
“With our support, innovators can speed up the development and upscaling of high-quality sustainable solutions.”

Tess Rutgers
IFE co-founder:

“The solution itself does not create the impact, it’s the context in which it needs to be developed. Therefore, early insights in the perspectives of stakeholders is needed.”

Value Track Methodology

Sustainable initiatives are first validated by Ideas from Europe on the basis of their benefit to society and are subsequently realised as Value Tracks. The Value Track method focuses on joint development by market parties such as government agencies, innovators, investors, companies, scientists and citizens. The main advantage of this method is that it helps make mutual dependencies transparent, which allows for collaboration and new agreements.

A Value Track provides continuous validation of the various stages of development, in which several market parties – including many start-ups – participate. Transparency allows entrepreneurs to better adapt their social solutions to market needs. With faster acceptance and upscaling as a result!

During biennial validation cycles, ground-breaking solutions to global challenges are scouted and validated in the EU. Part of this on-going process are podium events throughout the EU, where innovators present their solutions and stakeholders provide input. To reach the most promising solutions, other interested parties in the EU are also asked to vote. Based on these results, Ideas from Europe sets up a Value Track.

Ideas from Europe currently runs two Value Tracks, both of which belong to the healthcare sector:

  1. Personalised Medicine
  2. Self Care

Value Tracks

Personalised Medicine
Research has shown that no less than 60 to 70% of drugs do not have the intended effect. Now that governments are focusing on better and more patient-focused medical care, whilst simultaneously looking to reduce costs, this problem has been recognised as a broad social challenge. Ideas from Europe has asked market parties such as healthcare institutes, governments, innovators, investors and companies for their questions and ideas with regard to ground-breaking innovative solutions. This has brought together 85 innovators who now support Ideas from Europe through the Personalised Medicine Value Track.

Self Care
The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has noted that many initiatives for sustainable innovation in the healthcare sector stem from the same idea: giving the patient more control. Ideas from Europe has also seen opportunities to accelerate and upscale the development of these innovations, on the condition that parties in the healthcare sector are willing to cooperate. That is why a pilot for the Self Care Value Track was started in early 2018. On a ‘social conversation wall’, several of the parties involved highlighted the Value Track at their own events and among their own communities. This helped identify questions and ideas, allowing Ideas from Europe to assess whether there is sufficient support to continue the Self Care Value Track.

Would you like to be part of one of these developments? As Entrepreneur? Investor? Corporate? Scientist? Policymaker? NGO? Please register!

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